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An Alternative to Tungsten Carbide

Increase productivity, improve quality and reduce downtime with Chatter Free metal.

Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ Chatter Free material is designed for minimum vibration and outstanding rigidity. Compared to traditional tungsten carbide, our Chatter Free metal offers:
  • higher density
  • superior machinability
  • less chipping and breakage
  • reduced material and finishing costs

With minimal chatter and high-thermal conductivity (three times that of steel), your tools run cooler, last longer and have less downtime. Productivity can be improved with heavier cuts made at higher speeds. Longer tool extensions are also possible, with ratios of up to 9:1, depending on the tool’s diameter.

Because of its very high density, Chatter Free metal has a rotating inertia effect in grinding and milling operations, which results in more accurate finishing. Also, Chatter Free material does not anneal during brazing, so carbide or tool holders and extensions can be brazed directly without affecting physical properties.

Note: Chatter Free material is relatively non-corrosive, and plating is normally not required in tooling applications. However, if plating is necessary, standard plating procedures for nickel and chromium plating may be used. A copper flash is sometimes required for better adherence.


Tungsten Content 90% W Proportional Elastic Limit (PSI) 45,000
Density Gms/cc 17
Density Lbs/ 0.614
Hardness Rockwell C 24 Modulus of Elasticity (PSI) 40 x 106
Ultimate Tensile Strength (PSI) 110,000 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (x 10-6/°C at 20° - 400°C) 5.4
Yield Strength .2% offset (PSI) 90,000 Thermal Conductivity (CGS Units) 0.23
Elongation (% in 1") 8 Electrical Conductivity (% IACS) 14
Availability: Stock size diameters in 8" and 12" lengths. Other shapes and forms can be manufactured to specific requirements.

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