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Quality Products. Excellent Service.

At Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals, we’re driven to be the best we can be. We strive to deliver the highest-quality products, employ the most advanced processes and adhere to the most stringent quality control measures, while providing excellent value to our customers. And when we say our products come with a sincere commitment to customer satisfaction, you can believe us−it’s proven by our lengthy list of successful relationships with long-standing customers. Our philosophy of doing business has its roots in more than 30 years of experience. We’re proud of our history, not only because it determines our present success, but also because it facilitates our future and shapes our legacy.


Our Philosophy

In 1978, the owners of Microcarbide, a company specializing in cutting tools, and four former employees of P.R. Mallory, partnered to develop their vision to provide reliable, high-quality copper and silver tungsten composite materials. The result was Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals. After three decades, our company has changed in numerous ways–we’re bigger and better than ever–but the original vision shared by our founders remains. We want the name Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals to be immediately associated with uncompromising quality and excellence in customer service.


Our Facilities

Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals originally was located in a small building on Senate Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana. As our product line and customer base expanded, we outgrew that facility and moved to our current location on Massachusetts Avenue in 1993. Our present facility has a spacious 85,000 square feet to accommodate production, sales, maintenance and quality control. We invest in the latest production tools and processes to allow us to offer our customers top-quality products.


Our Customers

Today, tungsten-based metals are making their way into more and more industries, and Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals is matching them step for step. Mi-Tech Tungsten serves over 10,000 companies, supplying them with high-quality tungsten alloys and composites suitable for a broad range of applications. Our products are used in industries from aerospace (ballast weights) to medical (radiation shielding); from homeland security (scanning and detection) to oil wells (exploration and drilling), from tooling (welding) to defense. Regardless of the application, our clients can rely on Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.


Our Future

With our combination of old-fashioned values and progressive product development, Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals can look to the future with confidence. We’re excited to help shape the future of tungsten-based materials, and we look forward to helping our customers find innovative ways to use our products to meet the challenges they face.

Domestic Manufactured Quality Tungsten Metal Products.
Excellent Customer Service.