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If your work involves die casting, extrusion or other high-temperature tooling applications, you know the challenges of working in an extreme environment. It’s hard to keep everything up and running—most materials just can’t cut it. Fortunately, Mi-Tech Metals’ high-density alloys can stand the heat.

Our tungsten alloys (particularly our HD17.7 Diemitech® product) can withstand just about anything you can dish out. With high-thermal conductivity (three to four times that of steel), and low-thermal expansion (one-third that of steel), it’s an excellent choice for high-heat applications. Diemitech:

  • resists erosion, scaling, chipping and breakage
  • minimizes soldering and heat checking is machinable, similar to gray cast iron
  • withstands thermal shock
  • doesn’t require costly heat treatment (tools can be placed into service as machined)
  • maintains superior physical properties at high temperatures

If you’re interested in producing high-quality products with less downtime, contact a Mi-Tech Metals professional to bring the benefits of our high-density alloys to your business.


Tungsten Content 93%W Proportional Elastic Limit (PSI) 60,000
Density Gms/cc 17.7
Density Lbs/ 0.639
Hardness Rockwell C 30 Modulus of Elasticity (PSI) 53 x 106
Ultimate Tensile Strength (PSI) 130,000 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (x 10-6/°C at 20° - 400°C) 4.5
Yield Strength .2% offset (PSI) 90,000 Thermal Conductivity (CGS Units) 0.27
Elongation (% in 1") 10 Electrical Conductivity (% IACS) 14

Download PDF Diemitech HD17.7 Information Sheet


Stiffness, Machinability


Material Stiffness Machinability
Tungsten Carbide 75-90 Difficult
Osmium, Iridium 80 Bad
Tungsten(Pure) 59 Poor
TZM 57 Poor
Molybdenum 53 Fair
HD 17.7, HD 18.5 53 Fair-Good
HD 18, HD 18D 50 Fair-Good
HD 17.5 45 Fair-Good
HD 17, HD 17D, HD 17BB 40 Good
Cobalt, Nickel 36 Fair
Steel 28-30 Good(Must be H.T.)

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