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Tungsten Alloys: Superior Choice of High Density Metals

The ability to withstand extreme environments, resistance to breakage, performance you can count on—high-density alloys have a lot to offer. And Mi-Tech Tungsten Metal's tungsten alloys are as versatile as they are durable. Tungsten alloy offers several advantages over other high density metals such as lead and uranium, particularly in the areas of health, safety, and licensing. All high density metals are not created equally. 

Leverage the Density of Tungsten Alloys

The physical properties of high-density alloys make them excellent materials for radiation shielding, weights, and vibration dampening. Ease of machining and uncompromised durability make tungsten alloys a superior choice for crankshaft balancing, grinding quills and boring bars. The ability of our high-density alloys to hold their shape and perform reliably under even the most extreme conditions also allows you to deliver unyielding quality in die casting applications. Call Mi-Tech Tungsten today to bring the power of tungsten alloys to your business.

Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ high-density alloys are currently adding value to:

Domestic Manufactured Quality Tungsten Metal Products.
Excellent Customer Service.