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Quality Products. Excellent Service.

Tungsten Alloy Process Videos 

Mi-Tech Tungsten Metal’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence in heavy alloy tungsten manufacturing is evident in everything we do. 

Quality is our single most important principle, and it can be found in our people, our processes, our products, and our customer service.

We produce a broad range of tungsten alloy components at our 85,000-square-foot facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, for customers all over the world. 

Our tungsten alloys begin with mixing the highest quality powders available followed by pressing and forming. The parts are then sintered in a furnace, converting the pressed powder into solid heavy alloy tungsten, which is then machined into final components meeting strict tolerances using advanced CNC equipment. Our process videos can give you a closer look at how Mi-Tech creates quality alloys.

Mi-Tech produces tungsten alloys to customer specifications or provides ROTF components for future machining and finishing.

More Than 40 Years of Tungsten Alloy Expertise

Mi-Tech has been producing high-quality tungsten alloys for more than four decades. With customers around the world in industries ranging from aerospace and advanced medical technology to oil and gas and defense, Mi-Tech is a proven leader in heavy alloy tungsten manufacturing. 

Contact us today at (317) 549-4290 or toll-free at (800) 624-1895 with your requirements. You may also contact our sales department directly at

Quality Products. Excellent Service.

Domestic Manufactured Quality Tungsten Metal Products.
Excellent Customer Service.