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Ammonium Paratungstate, Tungsten Powders, and Alloy Production

Mi-Tech Tungsten works with the highest quality tungsten powders, sourced from select vendors who use the purest forms of ammonium paratungstate (APT), to create strong and durable proprietary alloys and other finished products.


Sourcing Ammonium Paratungstate (APT) and Tungsten Powders

The strongest alloys require the best tungsten powders, made from the purest APT. Mi-Tech Tungsten carefully selected the most qualified vendors to provide the materials we use to make our alloys. By choosing vendors who care about tungsten purity, and using the purest forms of intermediates such as APT, Mi-Tech Tungsten ensures the quality and strength of our alloys and other finished products.


Using Tungsten Powders to Create Excellent Products

Because we use the best components—carefully selected tungsten powders made from pure sources of ammonium paratungstate and other intermediates, as well as quality metals—you can count on Mi-Tech Tungsten's alloys. We mix tungsten powder with variations of nickel, copper, iron, and other metals to process a variety of alloys, including Mi-Tech Tungsten proprietary compositions, noted for their excellent performance.

Our commitment to using only the finest sources of tungsten powders and APT enables us to consistently produce high quality alloys and proprietary finished products to better serve our customers.

For more information about Mi-Tech Tungsten's proprietary alloys and other alloy products, contact the experienced professionals at Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals today.

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