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tungsten alloy products

Tungsten weights and tungsten counterweights are currently adding value to:

  • aircraft control surfaces
  • aircraft rotor blades
  • guidance platforms
  • balancing of fly wheels and turbines
  • vibration dampening governors
  • fuse masses weights for self-winding clocks

Incredible strength, consistent durability, and long-lasting value—Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ high-density tungsten alloys are the perfect choice for radiation shieldingboring bars and grinding quillscrankshaft balancingrotating inertia members, defense industry applications, and high-temperature tooling applications. High-density tungsten alloys provide a unique combination of density, mechanical strength, machinability, corrosion resistance, and affordability. These versatile materials provide distinct advantages when compared to traditional high-density materials such as lead or uranium.

Reduce risk and increase performance. The health risks associated with lead exposure are significant. Non-toxic tungsten alloys provide a safer alternative to lead, and their higher density also enables them to hold their shape better, even under extreme conditions. While uranium offers comparable density, its volatile nature and the special licensing requirements needed for radioactive materials make working with it difficult.

Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals offers a variety of high-density alloys, available as ROTF (rough, oversized to finish) material, bars, plates, or rods. We also have extensive machining capabilities, so we can make crankshaft weights in standard sizes or custom products to your exact specifications.

Visit the tungsten alloy applications section to learn more about how our high-density alloys can benefit you. Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals offers the following tungsten alloy products:



Tungsten, Nickel, and Iron Alloys

Tungsten, Nickel, and Iron Alloys (HD17D, HD17.5, HD18D, HD18.5)

We offer several tungsten, nickel, and iron alloys, composed of different amounts of the various metals. For detailed information on the composition of our HD17D, HD17.5, HD18D, and HD18.5 products, refer to the properties chart below. Each alloy is manufactured using Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ strict quality measures, guaranteeing a consistent, reliable material.

Tungsten, Nickel, and Copper Alloys

Tungsten, Nickel, and Copper Alloys (HD17, HD18)

Tungsten, nickel, and copper alloys are particularly useful when magnetic permeability may be an issue. Although the introduction of copper results in lower tensile strength and ductility, the lack of magnetic properties makes them an excellent choice for oncology systems, and shielding electrical sensors in applications such as well logging, or rotating inertia members used near guidance systems.

Tungsten, Nickel, and Copper/Iron Blend Alloys

Tungsten, Nickel, and Copper/Iron Alloy (HD17BB)

Originally developed for boring bar applications, Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ HD17BB provides the benefits of both iron and copper. While still an excellent choice for tooling, it is also recognized as a cost-effective alternative to traditional tungsten, nickel, and iron alloys. HD17BB meets the requirements for AMS-7725, AMS-T-21014, MIL-T-21014D, as well as the current ASTM-777-07 Class 1 specifications.

Industries Served

Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals supplies products to a wide array of industries for use in diverse applications, including advanced medical diagnostic equipment. Here are just some of the industries currently benefitting from the advantages of our tungsten products:


High-density materials are used as aerospace alloys, combining mechanical strength and easy machinability. Because tungsten is so dense, it is possible to reduce the physical size of components, offering greater control of weight distribution. Aerospace alloy applications include rotor blades, propellers, inertial systems, fluid control systems, bucking bars, trim weights and prototype models. Read more about our tungsten alloy aerospace components.


Mi-Tech's high-quality alloys are well suited to defense applications, such as balancing weights, radiation shielding.


High-density alloys are widely used in collimators (x-ray and radiation therapy), medical isotope production, transport and containment, and a variety of radiation shielding applications. Read more about our tungsten alloy medical components.

Homeland Security

Tungsten alloys are used in large container inspection devices. They are also used in airport security in package, luggage and personal x-ray devices.

Oil & Natural Gas

The radiation shielding properties of tungsten alloys protect sensitive equipment used to detect oil and natural gas deposits. High-density alloys are also used for casing material in down hole logging where casings must be heavy enough to sink through mud and strong enough to withstand intense hydrostatic pressure.

Automotive & Racing

Tungsten products are widely used in the racing industry and also in the automotive industry as a whole, particularly in tooling and die cast applications. Skid plates made from our rugged tungsten alloys offer greater protection than traditional materials. Chassis weights (designed for balance and lowering the car’s center of gravity) made from high-density alloys take up significantly less volume than their lead counterparts.

Sports & Leisure

The finest darts, horseshoes and golf clubs all take advantage of Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ high-density metals to achieve perfect weight and balance.

Machining & Tooling

All over the world, Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ high-density metals are used for boring bars, grinding quills, tool extensions and a host of other machining applications. Benefits include: reduced vibration, resistance to breakage and chipping, less down-time and ease of finishing. Read more about our Machine Shop recommendations and services.

Die Casting

Tungsten’s high-thermal conductivity and ability to maintain superior physical properties even at extreme temperatures make it ideal for die casting, extrusion and other high-temperature tooling applications.

Typical High Density Tungsten Alloys Properties Chart

  HD 17 HD 17BB HD 17D HD 17.5 HD 17.7 HD 18 HD 18D HD 18.5
90% W
6% Ni
4% Cu
90% W
6% Ni
4% Cu/Fe
90% W
7% Ni
3% Fe
92.5% W
5.25% Ni
2.25% Fe
93% W
Ni Fe Mo
95% W
3.5% Ni
1.5% Cu
95% W
3.5% Ni
1.5% Fe
97% W
2.1% Ni
.9% Fe
ASTM-B-777 Class 1 Class 1 Class 2 Super Chatter Free™ Class 3 Class 3 Class 4
Density Gms/cc 17 17 17.5 17.7 18 18 18.5
Density Lbs/cu. in. 0.614 0.614 0.632 0.639 0.65 0.65 0.668
Hardness Rockwell C 24 25 26 30 27 27 28
Ultimate Tensile Strength (PSI) 110,000 125,000 114,000 130,000 115,000 125,000 128,000
Yield Strength .2% offset (PSI) 90,000 88,000 90,000 90,000 85,000 90,000 85,000
Elongation (% in 1") 8 14 12 10 7 12 10
Proportional Elastic Limit (PSI) 45,000 52,000 46,000 60,000 45,000 44,000 45,000
Modules of
Elasticity (PSI)
40 x 106 45 x 106 47 x 106 53 x 106 45 x 106 50 x 106 53 x 106
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion X 10-6/°C (20-400°C) 5.4 4.8 4.6 4.5 4.4 4.6 4.5
Thermal Conductivity (CGS Units) 0.23 0.18 0.2 0.27 0.33 0.26 0.3
Electrical Conductivity
(% IACS)
14 10 13 14 16 13 17
Magnetic Properties HD 17 = NIL
HD 17BB = Slightly Magnetic
NIL Slightly
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