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Mi-Tech Metals machines and finishes high-performance tungsten and tungsten alloys for a variety of industries, but also offers support for customers who wish to do their own machining. Using Mi-Tech's machining capabilities can reduce costs and lead times in many cases, we understand, in some situations, turning, roughing, milling, and finishing tungsten at an in-house machine shop is preferable.

Mi-Tech Metals offers a wide range of tungsten alloy products for use in machining—different shapes, sizes, and alloy components. You will find that our high-density tungsten is easily machinable when you follow a few critical guidelines. At each step of the process, Mi-Tech Metals will provide guidance for machine shops to ensure optimal results.


Turning Tungsten

Mi-Tech Metals suggests using carbide-inserted cutters with a positive rake for turning tungsten. For roughing, use a cutting depth of 0.030" to 0.125" and 0.008' to 0.015" feed, at 200 to 300 SFM.


Milling Tungsten

Milling tungsten requires carbide cutters, and we highly recommend using premium grade cutters if possible. For roughing, use feeds of 0.007' to 0.015' per tooth at 200 to 400 SFM.


Finishing Tungsten

The characteristics of tungsten, including low thermal expansion, allow our materials to hold fine finishes. While conversion coatings are not suitable for tungsten alloys, plated coatings and other baked coatings work well with the materials.


Precision. Durability. Accuracy.

When you are machining tungsten, the importance of accuracy and dependability can't be overstated. Mi-Tech Metals is known for care, consistency, and accuracy. We understand how critical tight machining is, so we obtain the finest raw materials, ensure superior quality, and provide guidance for your machine shop to answer any questions or concerns with particular applications.

For more information and specific guidance for machining tungsten and tungsten alloys, contact the experienced professionals at Mi-Tech Metals.

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