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Mi-Tech Metals provides both raw materials and finished components with tight tolerances and dimensional specifications to the demanding and rapidly changing medical market. Precision-made tungsten parts and high-density tungsten alloys are used in a variety of applications, from multi-leaf collimators and medical isotope production, transport and containment to radiation shielding materials, syringe shields, lead shielding replacement parts, and oncology treatment systems and instruments.


Multileaf Collimators

Our raw materials, tungsten alloys and finished component parts are used in a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic medical technologies. High-density alloys for multileaf collimators are used to comprise the individual leaves, which can move independently in and out of the path of a particle beam. This crucial device directs a beam and focuses radiotherapy treatment to precisely conformed shapes, delivering correct therapy doses to patients. Multileaf collimators are widely used in radiology departments and are an integral part of radiotherapy.


Radiation and Lead Shielding Materials

The density and strength of tungsten alloys make them the first choice for radiation shielding applications. Mi-Tech Metals' tungsten alloys are used in this capacity in both medical and industrial settings. Their energy-absorbing qualities are excellent choices to protect sensitive electronic equipment, as well as delicate human tissue. We deliver X-ray target and stationary anodes for a variety of X-ray applications. And our high-performance materials are used worldwide for the assembly of X-ray tubes, as well as precise X-ray technology. Tungsten alloys are used for radioactive source containers, gamma radiography, syringe shields, oncology treatment systems and oncology instruments. Tungsten alloys provide unsurpassed strength, control and protection.


The Medical Products We Make

In providing both raw materials and finished components, Mi-Tech Metals is a trusted partner to many medical technology companies. We not only provide materials and finished components, we also work hand-in-hand with medical technology companies to develop solutions that are unique, precise and effective. Some of the components and raw materials we supply to the medical industry are used in the following products:

  • Multileaf collimators
  • Medical isotope transport and containment
  • Radiation shielding materials
  • Radioactive source containers
  • Syringe shields
  • Lead shielding replacement
  • Radiotherapy machines
  • Computer tomography scanners
  • Refractory tungsten metals and alloys
  • Tungsten alloys for shielding
  • CT scanners
  • CT and X-Ray security machines
  • IMRT – Intensity modulated radiation therapy
  • Oncology treatment systems
  • Oncology instruments
  • Tungsten alloy mobile shielding


Precision. Durability. Accuracy.

When your health is on the line, nothing could be more important than the care, precision and accuracy Mi-Tech Metals is known for. We understand the critical nature of manufacturing and supplying raw materials and finished components to the medical industry. We focus on obtaining the finest quality raw materials, providing superior quality, tight tolerances, and consistency for every order, delivered to exact specifications.

Our quality control process is extremely thorough and goes above and beyond basic standards. We have numerous quality checks in place to measure exact material properties, dimensions, and critical accuracy. Mi-Tech Metals understands, when medical technology companies partner with us, they are placing their trust in our ability to deliver what we promise—accuracy, consistency and innovative solutions. And that is a trust we don't take lightly.

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