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  • Tungsten Alloys

    At Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals, we provide the best tungsten
    metal products on the market.

  • Aerospace Alloys

    Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals provides high-tech, high-performance components for the aerospace market.

  • Made in the USA

    Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ alloys are made in the USA with pride.
  • Copper Tungsten

    Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ copper tungsten alloys are commonly used in EDM electrodes and other electrical and electrical/thermal applications.
  • Silver Tungsten

    Silver tungsten alloys contain between 25-50% silver and are mainly used for electrical contacts—generally heavy-duty devices subject to high current.
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Use our free weight calculator to select a material and customize dimensions that fit your specifications, revealing the weight that best fits your needs.

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American Owned Quality Tungsten Metal Products.
Excellent Customer Service.

At Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals, we have one goal: to provide the best tungsten metal products on the market. We’ve been providing quality products and excellent customer service to our clients for more than 30 years, and we’re only getting better. Our strong alliances with reputable tungsten metal powder sources allow us to consistently provide stable tungsten alloys and tungsten copper, tungsten silver, and tungsten metal composites of the highest quality. The quality of the materials we offer is matched only by the excellence and commitment of our people. Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ knowledgeable professionals are ready to help you make the most of our tungsten alloys or composites − delivering excellent products with exceptional service. Our production facilities are flexible enough to handle all types of projects, and our quality assurance procedures ensure reliable results.

Watch our Tungsten Alloy Process Video

See how we transform raw materials into high quality tungsten alloy products. 
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