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Often, exploration for oil and gas takes place in hostile, dangerous environments. Mi-Tech Metals provides high-performance tungsten materials and finished components that ensure accuracy, durability, reliability and wear resistance. We also provide support, from the research and development stage to complete product applications for directional drilling equipment used in a wide range of challenging environments.

When it comes to exploration for oil, natural gas, geologging, geophysical drilling for thermal energy, mining, seismic drilling, pipeline inspection and industrial radiography, Mi-Tech provides quality raw tungsten materials or finished components built to exact specifications. Our experts partner with you to create and deliver prototypes to your exact specifications. Our tungsten products are used in well logging casing and equipment every day, all around the world to locate and quantify zones containing oil and gas.


The Oil and Gas Industry Products We Make

Tough environments call for tough products. Tungsten alloys are perfect for well logging casing, which must be heavy enough to sink through surface and sub-surface materials and strong enough to withstand significant pressure. We offer several tungsten heavy alloys for use as counterweights for logging tools. Tungsten alloys can be used in a wide range of applications for the oil and gas industry, including well logging equipment, tungsten drilling components, well logging casing, nuclear logging equipment, and directional drilling equipment.


When tight tolerances and reliable performance are called for, companies rely on Mi-Tech Metals. We provide tungsten in either machine state or ROTF for well logging equipment and drilling components.

We also supply finished components for the oil and gas industry, including, but not limited to:

  • Counterbalance weights
  • Gauge blocks
  • Nozzles
  • Boring equipment
  • Directional drilling equipment
  • Radioactive shielding products for data logging instrumentation
  • Sinker bars
  • Prototype development
  • Components for solar energy research
  • Turbine blades
  • Components for industrial radiography
  • Tungsten well logging casing
  • Components for nuclear logging


The Way We Make Them

Oil and gas exploration and mining are critical functions. Mistakes can be costly—even deadly. Mi-Tech understand the intricacies of well logging and the critical nature of manufacturing and supplying reliable well logging equipment, casing, tungsten components, and directional drilling equipment. We're serious about our work and about providing superior products you can rely on.

Tight tolerances, precision manufacturing and consistent quality are essential for every drilling component we make. We produce quality parts to our customers' exact specifications. Our quality lab conducts material properties and dimensions, tensile testing, optical comparison, conductivity testing and chemical analysis.

Mi-Tech not only has the technology to provide strong, accurate, reliable materials and tungsten parts for well logging casing and equipment, we have the dedication and the expertise to do so, too.

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