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Looking for something with a little more spark? The higher electrical conductivity of silver makes our silver tungsten composite the perfect choice for EDM electrode applications where maximizing conductivity is crucial.

Silver tungsten contain between 25-50% silver and are mainly used for electrical contacts—generally heavy-duty devices subject to high current. Silver tungsten combines the high thermal and electrical conductivity of silver with the arc resistance of tungsten.

Contact a Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals professional to determine which silver tungsten composite is best for your application, or refer to the silver tungsten properties chart below for more detailed information.

Note: Our SW50 material is readily available in various stocked sizes of flat bars. Our SW65 material is available in multiple sizes of rounds and flat bars. Please see page 6 of our updated parts document for more information.

Material Composition Hardness Conductivity Density Uses
SW50 50% Tungsten 50% Silver 70 B 65 13.4 Used for arcing contacts and plates, arc runners, and current carrying members
SW65 65% Tungsten 35% Silver 87 B 53 14.5
SW74 74% Tungsten 26% Silver 90 B 47 15.5

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