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Combining strengths and minimizing weaknesses—Mi-Tech Tungsten composites help you take advantage of all copper, tungsten and silver have to offer. Tungsten composites add the more subtle properties of softer metals to the brute strength of tungsten for greater machinability. Copper tungsten allows you to benefit from both the thermal advantage of copper and the very low expansion of tungsten. All of our composites are manufactured in tightly-controlled, closely monitored conditions, ensuring you receive a uniform, reliable product of the highest quality.

Composites can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular application. If thermal and electrical conductivity is most crucial to your job, you’ll want a composite with an ample amount of copper and/ or silver. If strength, hardness and durability are premium, choose a composite with a high-tungsten or tungsten carbide content. As always, our knowledgeable professionals would be happy to discuss which composite would be best for your application. Contact us today for more information.

Mi-Tech Tungsten Metals’ copper and silver tungsten composites are currently adding value to:

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