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Small space, big capacity. Mi-Tech developers designed our copper tungsten composites to be used extensively in thermal mounting plates, chip carriers, flanges, and frames for high-powered electronic devices. With the thermal advantages of copper with the very low expansion characteristics of tungsten, copper tungsten has properties similar to those of silicone carbide, aluminum oxide, and beryllium oxide. The thermal conductivity and low expansion also make copper tungsten an excellent choice even for extremely dense circuits.

If you’d like to learn more about how our copper tungsten can benefit you, contact a Mi-Tech professional.

Low Thermal Expansion

Material Thermal Expansion
Glass 0.8-8.0
Carbon 2.7
Tungsten 4.5
Silicon 4.7
Molybdenum 4.9
Heavy Metals 5.0-6.0
Boron Nitride 7.5
CW 80 8
CW 75 9
CW 70 10
Steel 15
Copper 18

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